D51 early type(streamlined dome type)

KIT:JPY585,000(free shipping)
RTR:JPY735,000(free shipping)

inquiring about D51 SL

Scale/Gauge 1/30, Gauge 1  
Weight 7.8kg (5.5kg + 2.3kg) 
Length 695mm (460mm + 260mm) 
Width 107mm 
Height 140mm 
Wheel Arrangement 2-8-2/1-4-1 Mikado 
Driving Wheel 49mm ( steel )  
Pilot and Trailer Truck Wheel 32mm ( steel )  
Tender Truck Wheel 32mm ( stee l)  
Axle Driven Pump bore 5 mm x stroke 6 mm  
Cylinder bore 15 mm x stroke 22 mm 2 cylinders with functional drain valves  
Valve Gear Walschaert 
Boiler Type C type 
Water Capacity 300ml at 70%full 
Boiler Fittings safety valves, water level gauge, pressure gauge, whistle, throttle and blower valves, blow-down valve, super heater  
Lubricator Roscoe displacement type 
Tender Hand operation pump ( bore 11 mm X stroke 15 mm) 
Water Tank Capacity
Methyl alcohol  
Fuel Capacity 130ml 
Minimum Radius 2m